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Rear Exterior License Plate Lights Installation Guide on Dodge Charger

Rear Exterior License Plate Lights

Here’s what you’ll need:
For the Chargers, you will need the following bulbs.
(2) 44mm rigid loop, 9 LED Festoon bulb (front map lights)
(2) 194 SMT tower LED (rear seat map lights)
(1) 44mm rigid loop, 9 LED Festoon bulb (rear trunk light)
(1) 194 4-star SMT (rear exterior license plate light)

There is no courtesy lights and glove box lights for the Dodge’s. But you can order the glove box light and install in your glove box.
Then you will need a: (1) 194 SMT tower LED (glove box)

Installing the bulbs.

Rear Exterior License Plate Lights

Trunks/Hatch door lights
Similar to the courtesy lights on the 300 doors. Remove the oem festoon bulb with a towel, bulb is hot. Slide one end of the LED festoon bulb down the folded socket prong. Gently unfold the other folded socket prong and work the other end of the LED festoon bulb down. Once it is snug in place and illuminated. Flick it a few times to make sure it is snug. Fold down the unfolded end of the socket prong.

Rear exterior license plate lights. (2) for the 300′s (1) for the Magnum and Chargers.
1. Use a short handle phillips screw driver to remove the license plate housing screws.

2. Pull the entire lens down and out. Twist the 194 light socket loose, out of the back of the clear lens.

3. Pull out the 194 oem bulb. Insert the 194 4-star SMT bulb into the 194 socket. Push it in as far as it will go.

4. Go turn on your parking lights to test and make sure the license plate light illuminates. If it doesn’t, you may have the 194 in backwards (reverse polarity). Pull the Bulb out rotate it in your hand. Then reinstall the 194. It should light up.

Rear Exterior License Plate Lights

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